Cloud Compute

Cloud Direct Connect Services

Cloud Direct Connect Services allows added flexibility and alternative solutions when requiring additional or temporary IT resources.  Customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • cross connect directly into your existing IT infrastructure hosted at DRFortress with optimal performance at speeds up to 10Gb connections;
  • eliminate or reduce upfront capital expenditures;
  • reduce time to market by using on-demand cloud computing resources for test or development projects, data warehousing, or data aggregation; and
  • effortlessly handle seasonal bursting requirements.

By utilizing DRFortress’ Cloud Direct Connect Services, Customers can instantaneously create a hybrid cloud environment by choosing what applications to keep in-house or what to burst into the DRFortress Cloud via a dedicated 10Gb connection.

Eliminate or Reduce Maintenance/Upgrade Costs by Augmenting your Physical IT Equipment with Cloud Infrastructure Services

Your physical IT infrastructure maintenance and upgrade costs directly impact the bottom line, especially for small businesses. Utilizing DRFortress’ Direct Connect Cloud Services, you can eliminate not only the upfront capital expenditures to procure new equipment and dedicated physical servers but also reduce the on-going costs of maintenance, upgrades and licenses.   By simply ordering a cross connection, you are able to directly connect your existing IT infrastructure to the DRFortress Cloud for additional virtual machines or incremental additional disk storage capacity and instantaneously augment your existing IT systems.  No longer are you required to purchase an entire new host or SAN but simply buy the capacity you need and scale up or down as needed.

Realize time and cost savings by reducing new IT equipment procurement lead times, avoiding upfront capital outlays, decreasing monthly maintenance costs, and eliminating IT training for system upgrades. Instead, immediately augment or enhance your computing or disk storage requirements needed for a new project or IT growth initiatives with DRFortress’ Direct Connect Cloud Services.

Create Simplified Back-up to Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Instead of buying additional tape storage or expensive SAN equipment to satisfy your back up requirements, DRFortress Customers can create a hybrid cloud infrastructure by utilizing DRFortress Cloud Direct Connect Services.  Simply utilize DRFortress’ on-demand disk storage services via a direct cross connect into your existing hosted storage devices and IT equipment to create a hybrid back-up solution.

Create Instantaneous Redundancy to Your Existing IT Infrastructure

As some point in time or another, most businesses have lost data. The major benefit of the public cloud is redundancy. If one server goes down, your data is automatically transferred to another. One of the many benefits of cloud computing is the ability to eliminate downtime and potential data loss.  By utilizing components of the DRFortress public cloud system to create the redundant dedicated servers via a private cross connection to existing private IT infrastructure, Customers are able to cost-effectively create a hybrid redundant solution. With Cloud Direct Connect Services, Customers are able to use a 10Gb cross connection to their equipment hosted at DRFortress or at any remote/office location via Internet connectivity through their choice of ISPs and carriers available at DRFortress.