Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Security

Setting the Standard on Security

The security and integrity of our customers' data and systems are our highest priority. The DRFortress Honolulu node is monitored 24x7x365 and regularly tested to ensure the highest levels of performance and protection.

The DRFstorage infrastructure features built-in enhanced security capabilities such as SSL, strong password authentication, and de-identified physical file information that prevents linking files to users without a 3-step key. To strengthen access control even further, all access requests use token-based authentication with server-side session management, preventing manipulation, impersonation, compromise of data or login credentials.

For highly secure transfers, users can encrypt and then transmit data via SSL. Existing data encryption processes can be kept on-premise or a 256-bit AES encryption client is offered as a reference application. Key management is the users responsibility ensuring that only they can see the data in the unlikely event of a breach.

System Security Features

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Automatic intrusion detection and monitoring
  • SSL support for data to/from the Cloud Storage Network
  • Robust encryption support for data uploads
  • Strong password authentication
  • De-identified physical file architecture requiring 3-step key to link files to users
  • Token-based authentication with server-side session management
  • Stringent enforcement of information security policy

Physical Security Features

The DRFortress Cloud Storage Honolulu node utilizes enterprise-grade physical systems and procedures to safeguard all access to your data along with world-class physical security including:

  • On-site 24x7x365 manned-security
  • Multiple levels of security access systems and lockable cabinets
  • CCTV digital camera surveillance  and monitoring